Display information on hundreds or thousands of related items

Image: Data Integration

In the early days of the Internet, Website design consisted primarily of creating fancy graphics and nice-looking easy-to-read Web pages. As today's Websites become user interactive, the steps in Website design have changed. Although creating a pleasent-looking Website is still important, sometimes the primary focus shifts from graphical design to programmatic design depending on your Website requirements. When the number of people online reached a critical mass, companies that sold products and services began to spring up. Therefore the need for programmatic design became more pressing than deciding what background colour to use.

If your site needs to display information on hundreds or thousands of related items, to allow site visitors to search through these using different criteria, then you need a Website database incorporated into your Website.

Database Integration

Much of an effective Website is behind the scenes driven by a database. Databases can be used on the Internet in a wide range of ways, some examples are given below:

Databases can either be publicly viewable, for anyone visiting your Website to use, or be private, used only by the site owner or by users with access password.

I will design your database-driven site using appropriate technologies to deliver the goods effectively, without slowing down the site or making it cumbersome to maintain. I will not use technologies just for the sake of it. Remember it's what your customers need that counts and that will determine the technologies that power your Website.

If you have an existing database you'd like to use online, or think your company would benefit by using an online database accessed from your Website, please contact me and I will help define and refine your requirements - it's all part of my approach.