Make your Website mobile and tablet friendly

Image: Responsive Content

Some time ago the only way to access Website content was on a desktop computer and Websites were designed with limited dimensions. Now, with over 50% of all Website visits made via a smartphone or tablet, gone are the days when we simply viewed Websites through desktop computers alone. Having a mobile / tablet friendly Website is no longer just important, it’s essential.

Technology is bringing us more and more mobile devices and they come in vast array of different screen sizes. So how can a Website be designed to suit any viewing platform ? “Responsive” design is the answer, which means that the Website has been created to detect how it is being viewed and therefore the layout “responds”, by changing to make it easier to read and easier to navigate.

In May 2015 Google changed their algorithms (the way it ranks Websites) and they now check if a Website is mobile friendly before displaying it in search results. But according to a survey in June 2015 by CodeGuard, over half of all Websites are still not mobile ready. Therefore businesses risk losing their spot in search results if they ignore mobile.

All of my sites created nowadays are mobile / tablet friendly, with a “responsive” design. This is included in your web design costs and I do not charge extra for this, unlike some other web designers who will duplicate your web design charges to cover this.