New business startup Websites

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Anyone who owns a business, wants to stay competitive, and wants to be taken seriously by Web-savvy consumers needs to have a Website that performs in-line with the needs and expectations of their target audience. Setting up a business for the first time can be difficult and can often require a large commitment of time and funding. These can be difficult to find when it comes to setting up a Website as part of this process.

I can offer cost effective, great looking web design for businesses of all sizes, whether you’re a sole trader who needs a web designer to produce a basic ‘brochure’ website, or a larger business requiring a fully featured e-commerce Website. We'll define the business goals and needs and your target audience and evaluate how these can best be served and tailor a solution to suit your individual needs. I will help to quickly develop your online presence and ensure your business reaches its full online potential.

I can offer expert consultancy in design, structure and content to ensure your site delivers for your visitors and for your business. Working with clients to define user objectives for the site, we will test the site at agreed key stages of development to ensure that the design facilitates the fulfillment of these objectives.

I am passionate about getting the right results. That’s why my Website design process is based on a tried and tested process which ensures you get the best value for your investment.

My Website design process in more detail

Before you begin any Website, you must first have a good understanding of the project as a whole, as well as the different steps or phases that you will move through during the Web-development process.

Most Website projects have a logical flow of development, a type of evolution with distinct phases that, when followed, can streamline the entire design process. Here's the general order in which most Website projects evolve:

1. Planning Phase
Firstly, we meet up for initial discussions. This allows us to introduce ourselves. We will then define the goals and purpose of the site, determine what content should go on the site, define your target audience, make decisions about layout and colour, diagnose any dynamic site requirements, determine domain name and hosting requirements and figure out ways to attract visitors to the site after it gets published. We also get an idea of who your customers are as well as your competition.

2. Design Phase
After all content and graphics are created and/or gathered, the real fun begins. I will create wireframes, mockups, and design composites that give you an idea of the look and feel of your Website. Your feedback here is important for the rest of the process to ensure we're both in-tune and working towards your expectations. I will then focus on fine-tuning the chosen concept and incorporating your feedback and ideas into the design. Once you are completely satisfied I will start the development of the Website.

3. Building Phase
Here I turn concept into reality. I integrate all the content and graphics, add any dynamic capabilities to the pages and incorporate SEO strategy into a fully working site using industry standard software.

4. Testing
Phase The site is tested on a testing server across the common browsers and platforms. It is checked for spelling errors, broken links, code is validated to w3c web standards and ensured that each visitor can navigate through the site with no technical problems.

5. Site Launch
Now the exciting part. Your site's files are uploaded to the host server and the site retested, ready to be maintained postlaunch.

6. Postlaunch site maintenance
Ensure that the site's content stays relevant and up to date by adding new and editing existing content, as well as making improvements and other enhancements to the site. Depending on whether I developed a Content Management System for your project, I can either work on an hourly rate or arrange to maintain your Website over a period of time.

After launch, your project will only be a success if your customers find you. I will work with you to help grow your project and drive traffic to it.