Ongoing Website maintenance and support

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Has your current web designer disappeared?

Unfortunately it’s all too common for web designers to simply abandon a client and move on to the next client once a site is launched and the fee is collected. Or worse - to charge extortionate fees for even the slightest update like a small text change.

Maintenance is the on-going day-to-day upkeep of your Website.

Low Cost Website Maintenance

This could take the form of minor adjustments or monthly newsletters through to a complete re-design of your Website. Keeping a Website up-to-date is not difficult, but finding the time to do it yourself can be challenging - especially if the original web developer is not around to assist you.
Some Website maintenance changes will be straightforward, whereas others may require a little
more thought, attention and time.

I will handle all this and more for you:


Here’s a hypothetical example of some amendments that might be carried out to a Website over the course of a month. All timings are approximate and will obviously vary for each project.

Total: 47 minutes @ £30.00 per hour = £23.50.

As you can see, having a Website and keeping it up to date won’t cost as much as you think.